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Saucd Lownslow The One Eighty Blend Spice Rub

Saucd Lownslow The One Eighty Blend Spice Rub

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Are you obsessed with finding the perfect seasoning for the juiciest, crispiest, and most flavor-packed fried chicken? Look no further than

The One Eighty Blend. This blend promises to take your taste buds on a roller coaster of flavor with its spicy, smoky, and zesty profile. Whether you're grilling up some lamb, roasting or grilling chicken, or frying up your favorite fish,

The One Eighty Blend stands up to whatever you throw at it, while still giving hints of delicate and surprising flavors. With a mildly spicy kick and a savory finish, this blend is sure to take your cooking to the next level.

So why wait? Try The One Eighty Blend today and discover the secret to the perfect seasoning for all your favorite meats! 

Awards: Mr chilli awards - Chilli condiment 2nd and 4th 2022- 2023

Flavour Profile: - Mildly Spicy, Smoky and Zesty with a Savoury Finish 

Works best with: -Fried Chicken, Lamb, Roast or Grilled Chicken and Fish

Weight: 170G - 250ml Shaker

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