Tips on choosing firewood

With new Australian standards introduced recently slow combustion fires burn more efficiently than ever before. This makes the quality of firewood more important.

How long a tree has been felled or dead for does not indicate how dry the wood is.

The best way to dry wood is to split it and expose the inner core allowing the sun to dry the wood naturally.

Good wood merchants will split the wood for you, but may not season it for you.

The amount of you pay for your wood does not justify how dry the wood is. The only way to know how dry your wood is, is to use a moisture meter measuring from the inner core of the wood.

Only burn wood under 20% moisture. Anything over 20% and your wood heater will not work efficiently. The energy from the fire will be used to reduce moisture in your wood and not produce heat for your house.

Store your wood for at least 12 months after your have purchased it. Your wood should be at a perfect moisture level, of around 15 to 20%.

Never burn treated wood or painted wood.


Eight simple steps to show you how to run your wood heater efficiently and cleanly

  • Ensure the Air Slide is in the open or high position.
  • In the firebox lay your fire lighters 10 to 15 centimetres apart, depending on the size of your firebox. Do not use newspaper as a fire lighter.
  • Add soft wood kindling in a criss cross pattern above the firelighters. Softwood kindling allows for fire to light quicker and burn hotter.
  • Light fire with match or gas lighter, when fire is ablaze close the door, but do not latch the door. Leave for 5-10 minutes maximum and do not leave unattended.
  • Load pieces of hardwood that are no wider than a drink can in a criss cross pattern.
  • Latch the door and leave latched for 30 minutes. If your heater has a fan, do not run the fan for at least 45 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes add the large pieces of hardwood. These pieces should be no bigger than a loaf of bread. Close and latch door after loading.
  • After 45 minutes you can adjust the air slide to slow fire down and find your comfort level. If you have a fan fitted you can now turn it on.

Information from Australian Home Heating Association. For more handy tips and FAQS please visit here.