Regency Mansfield Wood Fireplace

  • $7,499.00
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The Regency Mansfield is a see-through gives you 2 x the viewing area and 2 x the control. Regency now provides an option to choose 2 rooms that benefit from this wood heater. The Mansfield is designed to fit into a custom built wall without a brick fireplace or chimney ensuring it can be featured in any room. Designed to not only meet, but exceed the very latest Australian requirements for emissions and efficiency, this is the latest in heating technology.

  • Large see-through glass viewing area
  • Draft control, accessible on each side, with airwash
  • Removable door handle tool
  • Wood loading ability, on each side
  • 5mm steel firebox – lined with high quality firebrick
  • Stainless steel andirons
  • Zero clearance box included

The following accessories are available for this product.

Finishing Trim Options:

30mm Finishing Trim30mm Finishing Trim
50mm Finishing Trim50mm Finishing Trim

The standard mansfield unit includes body, black door, x2, andirons x 2, clean face trim, & deflector hood x 2.


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General Specifications
Emissions (g/kg) 1.3
View Area 4898
Room Size Large
Vent Type Double Wall Pipe
Vent Size (Air Intake) N/A
Vent Size (Exhaust) 175mm
Fireplace Dimensions
Width (front) 1073 mm
Height 927 mm
Depth 499 mm
Dimension Notes: with standard clean front trim