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Nectre Form 1

Nectre Form 1

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Nectre Form 1 is a fresh and novel take on what a combustion heater can look like, and the only wood heater in the Australian wood heating landscape with its narrow yet deep form factor. The sleek capsule shape is resolved with cast iron, high quality stainless steel controls and curved glass, which offers a wider view of the flames, impressive performance and heating efficiency. The outside air capability and ability to cook on the top plate will make Form 1 especially attractive for compact, eco-friendly housing designs, and make it a better fit for newly constructed housing in general.

  • Deep firebox was designed to fit large logs
  • Outside air capable
  • Cooking zone
  • Australian Made
  • Vermiculite lined for optimum combustion

    Vermiculite has been used in the Form Series to promote a cleaner and more efficient burn. Lining the sides and rear of the firebox the fire retains a higher internal temperature resulting in a longer burn time. In place of conventional fire brick, vermiculite is a naturally occurring aluminium-magnesium silicate material that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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