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Lopi Wood Heater - Liberty 2020

Lopi Wood Heater - Liberty 2020

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The Liberty 2020 is a large stove made for heating large homes and living spaces. At only 2.5 grams of emissions per hour, it is one of the cleanest burning large stoves approved for use in Australia.

The huge firebox and fire viewing area allow you to load wood up to 60cm long and fully appreciate the splendor of the fire. It also features a single control to adjust air flow, making it easy to achieve burn times up to 12 hours. The Liberty’s step-top design is enchanting yet functional, providing cooking and warming surfaces as well as radiant and convective heat. 

Now available with the optional GreenStart ignition system for the modern wood burner; just load your wood and push a button! We’ve completely eliminated slow, cracked open door startups and laboring over fickle newspaper.

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Lopi Wood Heater - Liberty 2020 additional info

Heating Capcity Up to 300Sqm
Maximum Burn Time
Up to 12 Hours Efficiency Up to 64% (Peak) 60% AverageEmissions
9.5 - 6mm Steel Plate
Firebox Size
.06 Cubic Mtre
Maximum Log Size
Venting System
6" Active Pipe - Triple Skin Flue System (150 - 250mm)
CompatibleGreenStart Compatible
Optional Rear Mounted 400CFM