Lopi Gas Heater - ProBuilder 72 GSB

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The ProBuilder 72 is over 1.8 metres wide and one of the longest linear or landscape style fireplace on the market. At 1829mm in width it is the largest sized model in the ProBuilder Series. 

The ProBuilder 72  is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a beautiful, reliable and economical way to heat their home! With the ProBuilder Series, you get more heat for less; that’s more features and benefits than any other value-priced linear gas fireplaces available, plus heavy duty construction and quality craftsmanship to ensure years of dependable warmth!

The ProBuilder 72 Linear features sleek, elegant styling and a contemporary fire viewing area that showcases tall dancing flames. This fireplace is designed to provide comforting radiant heat plus excellent natural convection to homes and living spaces up to 200sqm. The quiet twin fans are available to help increase the air flow distribution throughout your home. The GreenSmart Basic remote control is also offered as an available option with this model.

The Optional CoolSmart Wall allows you to install a TV or artwork  (recessed or face mounted) lower down on the wall above the fireplace. 

 **Heating capacity varies according to the size of closed off area, ceiling height, floor plan, insulation and outside air temperature.


Euro Alvesta
Heating Capacity240sqm
EfficiencyAus 72% / Eu 82%
Wood usage
98 kg
Heat bank
Optional 10kg
Ember retention with HB
6 hr+
Ember retention without HB
5 hr+

*Heating capacity varies according to the size of the closed off area, ceiling height, floor plan, insulation, and outside air temperature.

Heat Bank is an optional addition to Euro Fireplaces and provides continued convection heat overnight. Refractory concrete panels are placed inside the unit so heat can be stored as the fire burns over several hours. Overnight, when the fire is burning slowly or has gone out, the panels release the stored heat in order to continue warming your home. In many cases, this negates the need to burn overnight.