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Lopi Gas Heater - 564 Clean Face 25K

Lopi Gas Heater - 564 Clean Face 25K

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The minimal design of the 564 Clean Face 25K with reduced dimensions takes up less space in your home, which makes installing this fireplace simple. This allows you the flexibility of adding fire to almost any room in your home. This top or rear vent fireplace features a “clean face” look without the need for grills or a face. The 564 Clean Face 25K is a Deluxe model that comes standard with new Ember-Glo™ ember bed lighting, adjustable overhead Accent Lights, detailed oak log set. You can also add the CoolSmart Wall™ option making it easy to install a television directly above you fireplace.

**Heating capacity varies according to the size of closed off area, ceiling height, floor plan, insulation and outside air temperature.

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