Collection: SEGUIN

With the use of exclusive materials, Seguin wood fireplaces are manufactured with 100% pure cast iron and are highly regarded for their durability and increased heating capacity.

At the forefront of wood firebox technology, Seguin has launched innovations such as the worlds first four sided glass wood firebox and the double air flow system (DAFS).

As you decide to heat your home with wood, you are participating in the protection of the environment. Seguin is devoted to playing a role in ecological change.

The company concentrates its efforts on the recirculation of used industrial waters, the insulation of the premises, the use of recycled paper and the creation of ecological combustion techniques.

From the choice of the cast-iron and the meticulous assembly of the fireboxes, Seguin Duteriez artisans perpetuate the “Duty of Quality” with a simple objective: “Make your fireplace the heart of your home”.