Collection: Euro Fireplaces

Designed and manufactured in Europe, Euro Fireplaces are optimised for the Australian climate and hardwoods. Operating by natural convection, the most efficient method of wood heating, a correctly operated Euro Fireplace will reduce wood usage by up to 60% compared to a traditional Australian wood heater. Convection allows Euro Fireplaces to gently move warm air throughout your home without the need for an electric fan. 

The efficient style of heating is aided by heat bank technology, in the form of ceramic or stone finishes as well as optional heat storage bricks. These will retain heat for many hours even after the fire has gone out, providing a clean, prolonged heat. In addition, a fresh air intake system, available on most Euro Fireplaces, allows the heater to draw air as needed for combustion from outside your house. The result of this is an even more efficient burn that does not rely on the oxygen from inside your home. 

The current Australian standard for wood heating emissions is at or below 1.5grams per kilogram of wood burned. Euro Fireplace heaters are all below this target with some as low as 0.4 grams. Accross the board, the efficiency of a Euro Fireplace is very high, sitting around 70%. 

Using the latest in wood heating technology, a Euro Fireplace burns clean and efficient with minimal wood usage, making it the future of wood heating in Australia.