Jotul F520




The F520 allows a panoramic view to the fire, Jøtul F 520 offers the experience of a live campfire in your living room.
This wood stove offers a wide expanse of glass,  the flames can be fully enjoyed from three sides of the stove. With a special glass coating feature the glass stays clean. The smart construction of the air valves makes the stove easy to light and is user friendly.

The white enamelled burn plates offer a clean and light view of the burn chamber also when the stove is not in use.
In the base of the stove there is a practical room for wood storage.

Heating capacity: 143 m2
Approx weight: 170 kg
Log size: 50 cm
Flue Outlet: Ø 150 mm
Efficiency: 77%
Flue exit options: Top
Min output: 3,9 kW
Nom output: 7 kW
Max output: 10 kW

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