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Gear Aid Heavy Duty 550 Paracord Reflective 30FT

Gear Aid Heavy Duty 550 Paracord Reflective 30FT

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The 550 Paracord is a versatile and durable 100% nylon cordage available in multiple lengths and colors, including reflective. It can be used for shelter, clotheslines, and survival bracelets. It's 4mm construction makes it strong and reliable with 7-strand construction.
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Gear Aid Heavy Duty 550 Paracord Reflective 30FT additional info

The 550 Paracord is a 4 mm cordage made of 100% nylon that comes in 30 ft and 100 ft. Use it to secure shelter, make a clothesline, or create a survival bracelet. This heavy-duty cordage also makes a durable paracord belt or handle wrap. With its 7-strand construction, the possible uses of this paracord rope are only limited by your imagination. Available in multiple colors, black and reflective, the 550 Paracord offers strength, safety and visibility when outdoors. When your gear fails, this multipurpose paracord makes improvisation possible. From the backyard to the backcountry, keep the 550 Paracord nearby to accomplish a variety of tasks, big or small.

  • Multipurpose cordage for camping, backpacking or hunting; available in two lengths (30 ft and 100 ft) and a variety of colors including reflective
  • Durable, 4 mm construction makes it ideal as a clothesline, tie down strap and more
  • Seven inner strands can be pulled apart and used as a fishing line, thread, and floss
  • Includes carabiner for additional options to suspend gear, food and lights
  • Not for climbing