Euro Fireplaces - Alvesta

Euro Fireplaces - Alvesta

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*When selecting the Flue and Hearth options, prices quoted are for a standard 4m flue kit and base model hearth. Additional extras may be required and all figures shown are subject to an onsite inspection. Installation cost is an additional $600 (within Adelaide Hills & Metro Areas).

Alvesta is a shorter version of the ever popular Falun. Easy to run with a single air control lever, the Alvesta is highly efficient and uses only 1.8kg of hardwood per hour. The fresh air intake connection makes the Alvesta perfect for well insulated homes where a heater with a small footprint is required. The steel body also begins distributing heat within 20 minutes of lighting making this a perfect heater for a holiday space. 

We offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION in home quote within a 50km radius of Mt Barker. Other areas can be arranged for a small cost.  

Euro Alvesta
Heating Capacity240 sqm
EfficiencyAus 72% 
Wood usage1.7kg/hr
Weight98 kg
Heat bankOptional 10kg
Ember retention with HB
6 hr +
Ember retention without HB
5 hr +

*Heating capacity varies according to the size of the closed off area, ceiling height, floor plan, insulation, and outside air temperature.

Heat Banks are an optional addition to Euro Fireplaces and provide continued convection heat overnight. Refractory concrete panels are placed inside the unit to store heat as the fire burns over several hours. Overnight, when the fire is burning slowly or has gone out, the panels release the stored heat in order to continue warming your home. in many cases this negates the need to burn overnight.